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A little about me

So, you need an editor. You're in luck! I'm an editor. What a coincidence. 


My name's Courtney Rae Andersson and I've been editing words professionally for over six years now. Check out my PORTFOLIO to see some of the books I've worked on.


My editing philosophy in a nutshell is that I am here to help you say what you want to say in the most effective way possible, all while retaining your beautifully unique voice.


I also try to be as kind and gentle as I can be while still making sure you end up with a piece that will resonate with the audience you're targeting. I mean, nobody likes being told they have a problem with dangling modifiers, but it's one of those things that just has to be said, and I promise I'll say it nicely. If I can provide cake or pizza to soften the blow, I will.


In my career I've shepherded dozens of books through the publishing process as an in-house project editor and a freelance editor, including one New York Times Best Seller (The Journey Within), one Ippy Award winner (World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook), and several IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award winners (1) (2) (3). Because most of the work I have done is with small publishers, I have an intimate understanding of the publishing process from acquisitions and design to distribution and sales.


Before I started working professionally as an editor, I founded and ran a speculative fiction magazine while I was a student at UC Berkeley named Imaginarium. Check out my LinkedIn for a more detailed professional summary.


As you can see from my PORTFOLIO, I've worked on everything from licensed Buffy the Vampire Slayer books to books on the benefits of fungi, so I'm pretty comfortable working with all kinds of projects; however, my heart lies with science fiction & fantasy editing.


Favorite Genres: [fiction] fantasy (epic, paranormal, sword & sorcery, etc.), science fiction (space opera, dystopian, apocalypse, alternative history, etc.) speculative fiction (or specfic), litRPG, alternative history, horror, mystery, humor, and romance & [nonfiction] memoir, self-help, wellness.

Proficiencies: The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th. Ed., Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Open Office, Libre Office


Courtney the Person: I have a black cat named Gizmo and I love playing video games (mostly survival, RPG, MMORPG, and 4X). I live on 40 acres in the high desert of Nevada. I love to snowboard, dye & spin my own yarn, sew my own clothes, grow my own food, build computers, and make furniture. Basically, I'm all set if the apocalypse happens. I also happen to love a good beer, though I can't brew my own...yet. In my opinion, there's no better afternoon than curling up with a book and a beer and getting lost in another world.

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