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Please read the descriptions below to see what kind of editing you might need. 


Don't worry if you read the below summaries and still aren't sure what you want. Just email me at or use the form to get in touch and we'll figure it out together.


How much will editing cost? Because of all the variables (type of edit, length of manuscript, how much work is needed to bring the manuscript up to snuff), rates are determined based on a free, no-strings-attached sample edit.

What does an edit include? All edits include two passes (my initial review, your pass, then I'll review a second time) and the creation of a project-specific style guide.

How long will editing take? Turnaround time depends on the type of edit and length of the manuscript, but generally:

  • 60,000 word copy edit = 1-2 weeks

  • 60,000 word line edit = 2-3 weeks

  • 60,000 word developmental edit = 3-4 weeks

Do you offer payment plans? I do. Flexible payment plans are available for all projects.

Do you specialize in a certain genre of editing? I'm a versatile editor, as evidenced by my portfolio, but my heart lies with science fiction & fantasy when it comes to fiction and memoir, self-help, and eastern spirituality when it comes to nonfiction. Lately I've really been digging litRPG, dystopian/apocalypse stories, urban fantasy, space operas, reworkings of myths, and paranormal romance.

Do you follow a certain style guide or dictionary? I follow the Chicago Manual of Style & use the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (the industry standards in book publishing).

developmental editing


During a developmental edit I focus on making sure that the story is structured effectively.


Elements of copy editing and line editing are included in this edit, but my primary focus is on the big picture stuff.

This edit includes critiques on each chapter and a detailed style guide that includes high-level analyses on plot, character development, narrative style, etc. 

Fiction & Nonfiction

I read your manuscript and provide a detailed 5-10 page report with constructive criticism. Sometimes called a beta read. 


Fiction Only. 




During a line edit, I focus on making sure that the story or argument is written in the most effective way possible.

The point of a line edit is not to change the structure of a manuscript, but rather to ensure that the way the words are written is powerful. It goes beyond correcting grammar and into the realm of creative editing.

Fiction & Nonfiction




This is what most people think of when they think of editing.

During a copy edit, I focus on ensuring grammatical correctness, adherence to the Chicago Manual of Style (or your preferred style guide) and internal consistency.

While this is more of a grammar-focused edit than what happens in developmental or line editing, I will call out any plot holes or oddities I see.

Fiction & Nonfiction



I'll create a proposal that you can send to in-house acquisitions editors or agents. Your proposal will include:


  • A thrilling book description.

  • A one-page synopsis.

  • An author biography.

  • Detailed market research.

  • Selling points that directly address why your book is going to be the next big thing.

  • Recommendations on format and price.  

I read your manuscript and provide a detailed 5-10 page report with constructive criticism. Sometimes called a beta read. 


Fiction Only. 



I'll review the manuscript and provide constructive comments in a multi-page report. No editing or rewriting.​

This is basically a beta-read through the lens of a professional editor. While reviewing, I'll look at things like:

  • Was one character amazingly awesome? Do I wish I saw more or less of the snarky talking unicorn?

  • Any big plot holes or unrealistic events?

  • Does it end with a bang or with a whimper?

  • Most importantly: Did I enjoy reading it? If yes, why? If no, why?



Not everybody writes books, and I don't edit just books.

This is the option you want if you have a blog post, magazine article, newsletter, short story, novella, web page, or essay you need edited.

Depending on the length, I can usually turn these projects around quickly—often within a day or two, or within the week if it's a novella.

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